Trunk Club

Since joining the Trunk Club Tech team in early October, 2013, I’ve traversed the design and engineering gamut ranging from product discovery / design to application development. Though business needs required my role to be a bit of a generalist at times, my focus for most projects is on product / interface design and UI engineering for web and iOS applications. These projects span a period ranging from a small tech team within a sole Chicago headquarters to working with dozens of world class engineers for offices across the nation (not to mention being acquired).

Note: For some examples throughout this post sensitive business information has been removed

All of these experiences were the product of a team and reflect the state they were at during my active design/development. At Trunk Club we have a very iterative / test driven approach and each of these has been continually developed upon since.

Projects (in chronological order):

Trunk Preview

My first area of work revolved around the member experience. I spent some time getting my feet wet in the codebase by developing features and fixing bugs for After this I was part of a small team designing and developing the UI and experience for a business changing feature that allowed members to review a trunk before it was physically shipped (electing to send or not send each item, with feedback for each).

Website screenshot

Stylist Catalog

After this I switched my focus to internal applications that help the business run more efficiently. Part of this was designing and developing interface features for an application used by employees to digitally shop our inventory for members. Unlike a typical e-commerce experience, this allows the shopping experience to be completely centralized to the member at hand, providing a simpler playing field for more peresonalized choices.

Website screenshot

A key feature I worked on that allowed for an improved member experience downstream was the ability to create outfits and annotate them within the shopping experience. Stylists were able to outfit around items in the current trunk, as well as clothing in the member’s Trunk Club wardrobe (including items purchased outside of Trunk Club and uploaded by the member). Stylists were able to better convey the choices made to the member in the context of an outfit, and the members were then able to reference those looks down the road.

Website screenshot

Stylist iOS App

Related to this area of work is an iOS app a small team and I designed and built from the ground up (our first app in Swift) that allows employees to better manage their members and associated tasks throughout the day / when away from a desk. The app acts as a companion to the desktop software and was designed in the context of being on-the-go. The app gives employees the ability to review relevant member information, create new members, review and complete tasks, review personal goals, and more.

As direct messaging with the stylist became the focal point of the member experience, the stylist app followed suit. Stylists were able to create a rich co-shopping experience by including clothing items, inspirational looks and brands, previews of trunks, and more into the conversation. The app became a vital solution for managing a list of many conversations with members, ensuring they received all of the style support they were looking for in a timely and context-aware manner.

App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot

Custom iOS App

Another iOS app we were able to take from product vision & design all the way through first release was an iPad app created to standardize and better the experience for the custom garment process. This app and the backend service that supported it provided the first real structured data set related to our custom garment business. The app gave employees the ability to store and edit member measurements and create / edit / duplicate orders. Beyond this it provided several auto-calculated and auto-completed values, as well as warnings when values are outside of an expected threshold.

App screenshot App screenshot

Member iOS App

After spending a lot of time on internal tools, I made it back to member facing products to work on the Trunk Club iOS App long term. My work started with a complete rewrite in Swift, along with a new navigation and aesthetic (the first of a few major restructures). A small team and I constantly iterated over different tests to produce features that allowed the member to stay more connected to their stylist and allow for deeper interaction with their wardrobe.

A major feature and focal point of the app/member experience that aided with both of those qualities was direct messaging with the stylist. Getting style advice, receiving trunk previews and notifications, discussing recommended clothing options, and more were all just a message away. This body of work allowed members and stylists to seamlessly discuss products and inspiration, leading to a richer collaboration that is vital to the Trunk Club experience.

App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot App screenshot