Provi is a digital marketplace empowering a more efficient alcohol ordering process between retailers and distributors. As the Director of Product & Design, I was able to build products for each segment of the three-tier distribution system that scaled from product market fit stage to supporting markets across the US. My contribution/role evolved from tactical product design work, to product strategy & direction, to growing and managing the product & design discipline within the organization.

For retailers

We solved the headache of ordering from multiple distributors, giving them access to a vast product catalog, transparency into the ordering process, powerful search and discovery tools, and metric reporting.

For distributors

We streamlined order management into a single easy to use product, removed the need for clerical data entry, and gave them time back to better serve their accounts.

For suppliers

We leveled the playing field for brands to best represent themselves to the market by giving them control over their product information, and gave them the unique opportunity to meet their customer at the point of purchase.

App screenshot